420 In Denver

April 07, 2014 1 Comment

This week we are starting to prep for our strike out to Denver, Colorado for The High Times Cannabis Cup. You better get your tickets now because last year's event sold out. You don't want to be stuck outside the fence looking in. There's no better way to celebrate 4/20. Be sure to pick up our 420 teamster tee.  See you  there!


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July 18, 2015

The last time my daughter had an EEG was a long time ago.Luckily, we had some human techs who ofeerfd to help get the glue out and wash and dry her hair before we lefft the office.The glue they use is similar to Crazy Glue. Acetone will cause Crazy Glue to come loose so you can comb it out. Finger nail polish USED to contain Acetone, but most is acetone free these days (I think they changed it avout 5-6 years ago). If you can find some with Acetone, that should work. I know in the hospital where I work, the adhesive remover we have is basically acetone.Good luck. I remember how hard it is to get out.

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